I knew when we moved to our Cincinnati house I wanted to shift our style slightly. I used to like beige/brown/maroon and mission style, but in the last several years I’ve grown tired of that, as you can see. Now I prefer more whites/blacks/grays and the transitional/farmhouse/industrial look. Instead of guessing I took a six different online design quizzes to see what’s up.


I first took HGTV’s Find Your Design Style + Toast Your Good Taste. The quiz was only a few questions, but several of the answers were very similar. So, I retook it and zigged where I previously zagged and got cottage as my style. I’m sticking with the zagging results.


Next on the list is the Houzz What’s Your Decorating Style? This quiz was only 9 questions, but each had upwards of 7 possible answers. I’m not sure how my drink of choice has anything to do with my decorating style, but I think it got it right with Transitional.

Laura and Wolf

Warning: The Laura and Wolf Style Quiz requires you to enter your email to get the results. I know that’s a pain, but I really liked this one. It breaks our your style into multiple categories. Duh, we shouldn’t be pinned down to just one style.


I debated even putting the Lonny MyStyleFinder quiz into this post. It has 15 questions and some where about books and movies that I’ve never read/seen or even heard of. The fact that I got Rustic Romantic proved this wasn’t a good one for me.


Next up is HomeGoods’ StyleScope quiz. I love this quiz, because you just select five images that you like and it quickly gives you the results. That said, I don’t necessarily agree with mine; modern metro with a touch of classic….

Emily Henderson

Last (and least) is Emily Henderson’s Find Your Style quiz. I used to read her blog more often, but lately it hasn’t inspired me. I was a little let down by the quiz too, the questions were crazy long and complicated. Some of them didn’t have an answer that I really agreed with either, so I settled for the next best thing. Plus, the web site was slow and full of huge ads. I took the quiz three times and got minimalist, zen and modern glam. None of those three really fit me, so I until she refreshes the quiz I wouldn’t recommend this one.

6 Online Design Quizzes with 6+ Different Results

Taking online design quizzes are fun, but didn’t help that much in our house design plans. I pretty much knew I preferred transitional, so taking the test and writing this post might have just been a waste of time.

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