The process of buying our Cincinnati house could be summed up in five words; hurry up and wait, repeat. Between offers, prayers, flights, drive-bys, counteroffers, more prayers, multiple bids and more counteroffers we did a lot of hurrying up and waiting.

Day 1

We decided to put in an offer! After telling our realtor our plans, we went to Frenchie Fresh and I got a mini bottle of champagne to celebrate. We were feeling all excited and already planning where our furniture would go in the house.

Day 2

The next day we actually signed the contract and sent it back to our realtor. Before we flew back to Minnesota, we drove by the Cincinnati house again and snapped this picture. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about where to put Sophie‘s water and food bowl.

Day 3

Our realtor sent us a counter offer from the owner, which was encouraging that we didn’t upset them too much by our low-ball offer. We put together a counter to their counter and I optimistically downloaded all the listing pictures of the house.

Day 4

Just like when we sold our house in Minnesota, there were multiple offers on the home. We had to submit our best/final offer by noon. Nolan was traveling for work and I was in Minnesota pulling my hair out from excitement/anxiety/nervousness. A walk/run with Sophie was just what I needed.

Day 5

Noon came and went with no news from our realtor, so we assumed we lost out. I started looking at other homes for sale and worrying about living (and working) in a hotel with a 60-lb dog. Then, we both get a text from our realtor that they accepted our offer! The catch was that they wanted to close in less than two weeks, so we had to quickly focus our attention on the paperwork.

Days 6-12

SO. MUCH. PAPERWORK. In the following week we were on the “hurry up” track with the loan application, scheduling the inspection, ordering an appraisal, coordinating with the moving company, etc. All the paperwork quickly took over our office.

Day 13

Then, just 13 days after making the initial offer we closed on the house! Luckily we were able to close remotely, rather than having to fly out to Cincinnati. (Photo from listing)
I can’t believe we were able to get everything done in less than two weeks! It barely gave me enough time to start a Cincinnati House board on Pinterest with decorating and project ideas. I’m liking the modern farmhouse look…

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