Between dinners, happy hours and other get togethers it’s started to sink in that we’re really moving. I’m touched by how many people have attended parties, given us cards/presents and reached out to wish us well. But, the best was Kevin’s (AKA Uncle Great) photos. I’m still laughing looking at these!


Since we’ll be moving soon I haven’t requested any additional books from my 2017 book list from the library because I know they won’t be fulfilled in time. So, I’ve been finding other recommended books that don’t have a 100-person queue.

Heartbreak Hotel by Johnathan Kellerman was one of those books that I found myself daydreaming about other things while reading. The good news is that it didn’t matter. I probably missed 20% of the book by zoning out but I still figured it out before the end of the book.

I spent many nights staying up past my bedtime reading The Suicide of Claire Bishop. The book is riveting, but all the late night readings and the tiny font left my eyeballs sore. That said, I couldn’t finish it before it was due back to the library! As soon as we get moved and settled, I’ll be searching for it at the Cincinnati library.

Currently Listening To

I listened to Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J Ryan Stradal and while I didn’t love the ending, I loved every other part of the book. Many nights I’d be parked in the garage still listening because it was so good. Maybe I’m getting sentimental now that we’re moving, but I loved all the references back to Minnesota.

For reference, I should really start writing down where I find book recommendations. I find them in other blogs, on the Ramsey County Library web site, and sometimes on the radio. I’ve started to follow these Brief Book Reviews.


My friend’s adorable daughter Malin. Those lips. 🙂 She set up snapchat group, so we get daily photos of Malin. Trust me, I want to take a screen shot of almost all of them.

The homemade dinner our friends made us as a going-away dinner. 🙁 It included caesar salad (with added hunks of avocado- my fav), stuffed shells, bacon wrapped asparagus, my creamy spinach dip and brownies & ice cream.


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