I’m so excited to share our new master closet organization plans today! Right now our clothes are in multiple piles and dressers around the house, just waiting to be organized and put away.

One of the many things I love about this house is the walk-in closet and laundry in the master bedroom. Our previous master bedroom had one large closet that only held my clothes. Nolan stored his clothes in the office closet. Not ideal, but we made it work.

Other than the basement, it’s the only part of the house that’s carpeted. Therefore, it’s where we slept the first night in the house. I’m not sure if it’s that or that the space is small, but Sophie still likes to hang out and sometimes sleep in the closet.

Within less than a week we ordered a washer/dryer (thanks Glen!) and a custom closet system from Ikea. I’m no stranger to the Ikea Storage Planner, but instead of waiting on ordering it for months on end, I pulled the trigger!

Master Closet Organization Plan

I first measured the carpeted area, including how much space there is between the moldings at the opening. Measure twice, cut order once is my motto.

Ikea ALCOT System

I looked at several closet organization systems, but kept coming back to Ikea’s for their customization options and price. I also really liked planning it out using the Ikea Online Planner. We’ve assembled a lot of Ikea furniture in the past, including the sofas & frames in our old basement, the bar cabinets in our old basement, the pendant light in our old kitchen, and our kitchen table and chairs. So the wordless assembly instructions don’t scare us. 😛

The layout below is for my side. It includes a mirror, three shoe racks, a spot for dresses, several bins for storing scarves, sweaters, and a drying rack (bottom left). When the drying rack isn’t in use I can put a laundry basket there. I also plan to install some hooks on the wall to the left of the mirror to hang necklaces. (I left the price on there for all you Nosy Nancys and because you could build the same thing on the site and find out anyhow.)

Nolan wanted to make sure he had plenty of space to hang his pants and put his sweaters. So we designed in two pant hanging racks, a few large bins and two shoe racks. (Hey Nancy: Did you see Nolan’s is more expensive than mine?)

I added it all to my cart and was sad to see delivery was out to May 10th. 🙁 So looks like our clothes are going to hanging out in piles for a few more weeks.

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