It seems like every time I sit down to write a Currently Post I instinctually want to start it with “Can you believe it’s {fill in the month} already?” So I spent some time writing about time.

Time Flies By

My Great-Grandma Alice used to say that time passes faster the older you get and she was right. The oddest part of that is that when you’re younger you want time to speed up. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait until my 16th birthday so I could start driving. Now, birthdays are only good for an excuse to eat cake.

Prioritizing Your Time

It’s sometimes hard to say no. I used to fill my calendar with some sort of social engagement everyday and throughout the weekend because I couldn’t say no. I was good at juggling, but it was so tiring that I didn’t even look forward to anything. I learned over the past few years that the small uncomfortable moment of saying no is SO SO SO worth it. After I got used to saying no, I had so much more time to do other things! And sometimes that meant doing nothing at all!

I couldn’t write a post about time and not mention the commitment to be on time. I pride myself on being early or on time the majority of the time. I must have inherited the trait from my grandpa who was always 30 minutes early to everything.

Timing is Everything

Not only is time fleeting, it’s also very impactful on our lives. ‘Timing is everything’ is an old, overused saying but still true. As evident with our latest adventure.

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