One of the many things that drew us to our Cincinnati house was the low-maitnence yard and landscaping. We did some extensive landscaping and yard work at our Minnesota house. It looked great, but required a lot of time and money. The outside still requires some work though…

White Vinyl Fence

One of the first things we knew we’d have to do is add fencing to either side of the house to completely enclose the back yard. Below is one of the listing pictures, where you can see there is no fence on either side of the house.

We received quotes from a few different local contractors. The quotes were within $100 of each other, but one had a much quicker lead time. It still ended up getting pushed out because of all the rain.

Even without the fence we’d let Sophie roam the backyard. She’s not the type of dog to run away, but I can’t trust that she wouldn’t wonder off if something caught her attention. I’m looking at you squirrels! Now, we can let her out without worrying.

Fresh Mulch

The other easy outside update we’ve done is laying down fresh dark mulch. It took 2 trips to Ace and 12 bags. Note: It always takes twice as much as you think. I wish I would have taken a before picture, but you can see how low and faded the mulch was from our Easter picture below.