Nolan and I like watching TV just as much as the next guy, but what we don’t love was the soul-sucking cable bill every month, so here’s how we cut the cable cord.

Binge Watching

We don’t watch TV every day but when we do, we like to binge, like watch the same show every night for a few weeks. A few recent favorites include Arrested Development, The Office, The Crown, Veep. I watch shows on my trainer, and whenever we travel we download a few shows to watch on our iPads on the plane. Mostly recently on our Grenada trip I watched The Santa Clarita Diet from Netflix and Nolan watched The Man in the High Castle from Amazon.

The Bait and Switch

It doesn’t seem to matter who the provider is, they all seem to do the bait and switch. After signing up for the $##.##/month deal it inevitably creeps up to $#,###.##/month and all of a sudden you can’t afford food. No exaggeration there.

All the Services

On top of cable, we pay for Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime. To use these services we have a Roku in the workout room, Apple TV in the living room and an Amazon Fire Stick in the bedroom. There is no reason to have all these services and cable. The most expensive one is the cable bill, so we agreed to cut the cable cord when we move to Cincinnati. It was easy for us to cancel our subscription because we were moving to an area they don’t serve.

How We Watch Now

We can still binge on our favorite shows with all the same devices. We also got an antenna so we can watch a few of the local shows. It looks like a big black bow-tie; you can see it on the left side of the mantle. On the right side of the mantle is Uncle Great’s photo. 🙂 (The TV is centered above the mantle too, but I had to take this photo at an angle to avoid a glare of the flash on the TV screen.)

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