I haven’t done a fashion post for awhile, so I thought the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale was the perfect excuse! (image above from nordstrom.com)

The Nordstorm Half Yearly Sale comes around, well, twice a year. It’s going on now through June 4, but I’ve found that often the good stuff sells out fast. They have free shipping and free returns, so I don’t worry about things not fitting or not looking like they did online.

What I Bought

When I’m online shopping I usually put everything I like in my cart and then go back and delete items. After shopping scrolling most of the sale items I had 27 items worth over $1,700 in my cart. I sorted it down to the following six…

Love the ruffles on this top, I ordered it in black, of course.

I’ve been on the hunt for some distressed jean shorts and at $32, these look like winners! I hope they fit.

Who doesn’t need a 3-pack of hoop earrings?

I really hope this ring fits my tiny fingers!

I’ve always wanted a Kendra Scott Rayne necklace, so when this look-alike popped up for $12,  I didn’t hesitate to drop it in my cart.

Last (and least) are these boring black shoes. Perfect for when I’m traveling for work.

What I Wanted to Order

Here are some of the items that didn’t make the cut, although I’m still debating the napkins….

I’d look cool playing volleyball in these sunglasses, but feel really stupid if I broke or lost them. Plus they look kind of manly…

I really debated getting these cloth napkins. I’ve wanted cloth napkins for awhile and at $15 I could easily buy a few sets to have a healthy stock of matching ones.

The only thing holding me back from buying this cell phone case is the fact that I have an iPhone 6, not 7.

I love the thick straps on this IVY PARK workout top, but my workout clothes are already overflowing in my closet.

If I didn’t need to eat, I’d buy this bag charm for my cat-obsessed friend Laura.

As much as Laura is cat-obsessed, I’m dog-obsessed, so this make-up bag would be perfect, if I needed one.

I think this CLUSE watch would look great on my wrist, but I use my Apple Watch pretty religiously. (Gotta hit all 3 circles, ya know!?)

That wraps up this Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale roundup. If you’re lucky maybe I’ll do a follow-up on the things I kept and what I returned.

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