Similar to our thermostat, owe knew right away that we’d need to invest in a doorbell for the new house. Based on old photos of the house (I’ll share sometime) I think it previously had a door knocker. That obviously wasn’t an option for us, so we opted for a wireless doorbell.

Installing a Wireless Doorbell

We installed a similar wireless doorbell in our Minnesota house, but this install was much easier because there was no drywall to patch. While the other one was good, this time around we tried the VPOW Wireless Door Bell.

I thought the brand was MODA, because when you flip it upside down the P looks like a slanted D. Apparently so did Nolan, because he installed the doorbell upside down. No harm, no foul.

It came with two receivers. We put one in the family room and the other one in our bedroom. It’s important that my shoes know when the delivery guy comes because it most likely means they will soon be getting company. If ya know what I mean. 😉

Just kidding, the shoes are still waiting for their permanent home to be put together.

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