I’m not immune to cooking/fitness/fashion bandwagons, so without further ado, see what I learned about the latest craze when I made zucchini zoodle primavera.

Know Your Machine

I purchased this spiralizer from Amazon and I was so excited to start zoodling, that I didn’t bother to check what blade I was using. So instead of the ribbon curls, as seen above, I ended up with angel hair “pasta”. Rookie mistake.

All The Veggies

The thing I love about this bandwagon is how many veggies are incorporated. Look at how healthy and colorful the ingredients look! 🙂

The Prep

With all those veggies comes all the cleaning and cutting. This is one of my least favorite chores. I usually buy a bunch of veggies on the weekend and spend a good hour cleaning and chopping them up. It makes it easy to grab as a snack during the week (verses potato chips).

Making the Zucchini Zoodle

Using the spiralizer was super easy! Most of the parts come apart too, which made for easy cleaning.

Cooking Zucchini Zoodles

Cooking up the zucchini zoodles and the rest of the veggies was the easy part. At this point Nolan walked through the door and said “It smells good!” This was before he realized it was a 100% vegetable dish.

Zucchini Zoodle Primavera

Ok, so the prep was a little time consuming, the cooking was easy, but what about the taste?!

It tastes exactly how you think it would taste; like a plate full of cooked veggies. I used enough spices to make it flavorful and just enough red pepper flakes to give it some bite.

The Verdict

I liked it and would make it again! But, even after loading it up with parmesan cheese, Nolan didn’t care for it as much. I ate the leftovers a few days later and somehow it got hotter after sitting in the fridge.

I will be trying out different blades on the spiralizer, but maybe next time it’ll be garlic asiago baked spiralized fries….This one Nolan approves of.

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