I bet we’ve all encountered the champagne taste on a beer budget at some point in our lives. It can come in the form of clothes, vacations, shoes, houses, cars, jewelry, but for me right now it’s all the furniture I want!

When we bought our Cincinnati house I had already envisioned where all our furniture would go. The majority of it fit well, but of course now I want to update/upgrade a few pieces.

Large Dresser & Coordinating Nightstands

Our bedroom in the Shoreview house was pretty big, but our bedroom now is huge! Like 15-feet-by-17-feet big. Our mismatched dressers & nightstand and bed barely fill up the space. We even brought in a tall bookcase from our old basement and the glass shelving unit from our old workout room.

The new closet organization system helped us re-arrange some clothes. Now we’d like to invest in a larger dresser and some coordinating nightstands. Nolan has been using his dresser since 8th grade and I’ve been using mine for at least 13 years.

There is plenty of space in our bedroom for this beast of a dresser from Restoration Hardware. It’s $2000 though. While I know it’d be a high-quality, lifetime piece, we haven’t pulled the trigger because we’d want to order these coordinating nightstands too.

And these bad boys are $900/each! But I think they would totally work and anchor our large bed between the two large windows. Plus, they’d add a few more drawers of storage. (Those prices are assuming we get a membership, which costs $100/year, which would be well worth it if we purchased all three items.)

Now, I’ve heard (and agree with) the position that you shouldn’t have matchy/matchy bedroom furniture. Does that apply to having two (technically three because we’d have two nightstands) pieces match? We have no plans of getting rid of our patterned headboard and if/when I get a large mirror that’ll be different too. Speaking of a large mirror…

Larger Mirror

I mentioned my desire for a larger mirror when I tried modeling my new jean shorts. But to be honest, I’ve wanted a larger mirror for awhile now. The one above is my favorite, but at $429 I need to wait for a good sale. OR find a suitable, less expensive- so many options on wayfair.

Formal Living Room Sofa

Another piece of furniture I want is a new living room sofa. The photo above is my inspiration. Our formal living room isn’t that big, but I like the idea of a chesterfield style sofa facing the old fireplace.

Corner Desk

Remember this monster desk in our old office? It fit perfectly in that room and provided so much counter space- enough for three monitors! The office in our Cincinnati house has more square feet, but because of where the door and closet is, the desk didn’t fit. So, when we moved in I just had the filing cabinet and part with the three drawers set up.

I was initially considering a ladder desk, like this one. I quickly realized that nothing was going to work in this space and it’s so open- no where to store anything. Which led me to a corner desk.

Did you know Cosco sells office furniture? This L-shaped desk comes with an adjustable table!  I’m also liking this one, but I’m not sure how I feel about the bark grey finish. I like it now, but would it feel dated in a few years?

Leaning Rack

One inexpensive thing I want is the leaning storage rack for the guest bedroom. I think it would be nice to have a spot for guests to easily hang clothes/jackets and drop their purse/keys/wallet.

I hope this post didn’t sound like a bratty list of all the furniture I want. I actually prefer rosé over champagne. 😉

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