Setting some June fitness goals to step up my run and bike mileage in June! The weather in Cincinnati is perfect, I have the time, and I can do it! No excuses.

In May I only recorded 6.24 running miles and 7.44 biking miles. Unrecorded are the 1-3 run/walk miles with Sophie every weekday, so that’s another ~46 miles. I say walk/run because we usually walk the first 1/3-mile so she can go potty. She has a pretty consistent schedule and it works out well with the garbage can location. No one wants to run with a bag of poop.

June Fitness Goals

I’ve set goals before and not achieved them. So, instead of a yearly goal, I’m setting a few June fitness goals.

  1. Run 10 miles
  2. Bike 30 miles

I think it’s achievable and reasonable considering we have two out-of-town visitors this month and I’ve joined 3(!) volleyball leagues, taking up my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

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