Despite their tendencies to start on fire, we bought a Samsung washer and dryer. We like to live on the wild side.

The Decision

Two things led us to samsung washer and dryer. First, when our old washer died at our Shoreview house, we upgraded with a Samsung top loader. We used it for over a year without an issue and I loved the sound it makes when the cycle is complete, but apparently not as much as these people:

The second reason we decided on a Samsung washer and dryer was that they had high marks in the 2017 Consumer Reports Buying Guide. Samsung models were ranked #2, #4, #5, and #6 in the top load high-efficiency washer category and #1, #2, #8, #19, and #24 in the electric dryer category.

Armed with the Buying Guide and money from my FIL, we walked into Lowe’s and found a reasonably priced matching pair. My only complaint was that it took Lowe’s over 2 weeks to deliver and install them. At that point I hadn’t washed clothes for over a month. So, needless to say, after a month in our new house without a washer and dryer, I was super excited on the install day.


The delivery and install couldn’t have gone any smoother. As you can see above, there is a clear shot from the front door to the master closet. Before the delivery guy could say “Where are we installing these?”, he saw the dryer vent. Not only was the path a straight line, but all the doors were wide enough! Apparently, the floors were really level, so they pretty much set them down, hooked them up and plugged them in.

I believe the installer took more time explaining how to use the units than it took to do the install. One of the features that we’ve used a lot is the “wrinkle away” steam cycle on the dryer. It’s only 20 minutes and perfect for getting wrinkles out of clothes and curtains. Bonus points for spying me in the photo above. 🙂

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