I’ve been loving my Ninja blender and getting pretty good (IIDSSM) at the whole healthy smoothie thing. So, why not try my hand at a boozy smoothie? I’ll tell you why, because that saying, “quit while you’re ahead”, is a real thing.

Booze on the Brain

I started thinking about making a boozy smoothie after seeing this grown-up pink lemonade and this post, featuring these Paloma Slushies, all in the same day. Talk about a summer drink overload! That’s what got me thinking… I have those ingredients and the blender to make them! (PS: Here is a list of all the blogs I read. I did another mini update again this week.)

Boozy Smoothie

Instead of strawberries or blueberries I had a ripe nectarine. It’s a fruit, it’s sweet, seemed like a good substitute. The agave and patron are from our grapefruit margaritas, maybe agave expires? It all smelled fine…

For once I actually measured out the ingredients too. I was so excited and hopeful! The smell of fresh lime, salt and tequila… what could go wrong? I took one sip and gagged. It was SO bad. SO bad I didn’t even take a picture and just dumped the entire thing down the drain.

Ya can’t win ’em all folks!