I’m back from my blogging hiatus! And in June’s Currently post I’m sharing how I did with my June Fitness Goals and my July Goals. I’ve found that it’s easier to set shorter term goals, verses annual milage goals. They are much more attainable, especially if you know how many days are in a month. PS: There are only 30 in June!

June Recap

Let’s start off my recapping what happened in June. Back on June 2nd I set two goals for myself:

  1. Run 10 miles.
  2. Bike 30 miles.

As you can see I met both goals! I ran 18.43 miles and I biked 31.95 miles. I was originally planning on a long ride last Saturday, but then I realized that Saturday was July 1st! So I snuck in 5 miles on the 30th to reach my goal.

July Goals

It wouldn’t be fair to discuss my July goals without sharing what I’ve already done. Instead of a long ride on Saturday, as mentioned above, I saved it up for Monday. I road 20 miles along the Little Miami Trail. The trail is very smooth but there is a tiny incline on the way out, so I focused on pacing myself in the 14-15mph range. At 10 miles, I stopped and had a honey stinger gel.

On the way back I felt like I was flying! I’m not sure if it was the gel or the slight decline, but for 6 miles I stepped up my pace to 16mph, with one mile at 18.7mph! My overall was 15.2mph, which I was pretty happy with.

I also did a run on July 4th, so I’m starting off the month with 20 bike miles and 3 run miles in the bank. Therefore, I’m setting the following July goals:

  1. Run 20 miles.
  2. Bike 40 miles.

I’m still in three volleyball leagues and I will be out of town again, but unlike last month we don’t have any out-of-town guests this month. So, I just need to focus on getting the bike miles in, because I can easily get some running miles in while I’m out of town.

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