The latest edition to our home is a handy dandy entryway hooks, mirror and command center combo. I’m going to share all it’s glory and three dog pictures in our house!The last time I did a reveal was our covered patio back in June. And while this isn’t an entire room reveal, it’s a little de-clutter reveal. For awhile I’ve wanted a mirror/hook/shelf combo thing in our tiny entryway from the garage.

Clutter Holder

I found this one on Amazon and knew it was perfect. As you can see, the space is very narrow, so I needed something with not much depth. It also fits the length of the wall and has a spot to drop mail. Or any other clutter I’d rather not having sitting on the counter.

The Hooks

Prior to getting the entryway hooks, Sophie’s leash and our mail would sit on the countertop. Now look at it- clean and clear! (Spot dog picture #1.)

Speaking of Sophie

I wanted to show how small the little entryway is by taking a photo from the dining room. Of course Sophie wouldn’t let me get away that easy, she actually helps get some perspective on how small the little nook is. (Spot dog picture #2.)

The Mirror

Lastly, the mirror! It’s great because now I can wink at myself while double checking my hair before taking Sophie for walk. Hahahaha! (Spot dog picture #2 and #3- I am that crazy dog mom.)