Our new hallway art now features maps of Downtown Minneapolis, St. Lucia and Cincinnati: where we met, married and live. Cheesy, but personal- just the way I like it.

This post is sponsored by ModernMapArt, but all opinions are my own. 

Remember when we redid the hallway in our Shoreview house? One of the items hanging was our where we met, married and live maps. Since moving to Cincinnati I haven’t rehung them, because the live map was no longer correct. So, when ModernMapArt contacted me about providing a print I was like “PERFECT!”

It was sent wrapped in tissue paper and carefully rolled into the cardboard tube. The problem was that our frames are 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 and the smallest Cincinnati poster is 8×10. Nothing a little cropping can’t fix.

I used the glass of the frame to measure, mark and cut. I was a little lot nervous about slicing into the new map. The paper is so nice and thick, I felt apprehensive, like I might destroy my brand new, free map. Eek.

Rest assured, my scrapbooking cutter worked like a charm! I really like the way the black map works with the black frame. That was the easy part.

Sophie would like to remind you of what our hallway looked like before hanging them. The hallway separates the main bathroom and my office, and leads to our bedroom- please ignore the WIP laundry.

Measure Twice, Drill FIVE times

A pencil, piece of paper, ruler, a few screws, and a drill was all I used. Note, that list didn’t include my brain, math or a calculator.

I didn’t think wall anchors were needed because I’m lazy the frames are pretty light. The trick to putting the screws directly into the wall is to hold the screw and tap a few times on the trigger of the drill until it’s in.

Then, I realized I measured wrong and had to redo two of the screws. You’d think this was my first rodeo.

After a few choice words and a few more holes in our no-longer-pristine wall, the maps are hung! They are hard to photograph because of the narrow hallway, so bear with me.

I’m so glad that ModernMapArt provided me with the free Cincinnati Map! It looks great and motivated me to rehang our met, married and live maps. Check them out! They have country, city and ski maps, available in a variety of colors for posters, phone cases, etc.