SO many people have asked me what it’s like working from home. So, I decided to document my typical work day.

Just like my day-in-the-life, I used Snapchat to document my typical day working from home.

I try to “get to the office” by 7:30 each morning. That’s when I go through all my emails, review my calendar and write down my to-do list for the day.

Never fails that around 9-9:30 I need another cup of coffee. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about coffee breath!

Mid-morning I usually eat something or make a smoothie. This day I tried a banana orange smoothie with a scoop of college peptides. I’ve only been using it about a week, but I love that it doesn’t taste at all.

It never fails that Sophie starts to bug me for her walk around 11. I try to explain to her that we have to wait until noon, otherwise the afternoons drag on too long. I talk to Sophie a lot.

Coffee breath is ok inside the comforts of your own home, but usually I brush up before venturing outside. I’m not a complete monster. (Yes, we still need bathroom window treatments.)

One of the best things about working from home is getting out for walk, jog or bike ride during lunch hour. The weather and whether or not I have volleyball that night dictates which. This particular day was pretty hot, so we just walked for 30 minutes.

Even after a 30 minute walk I felt starving! This bowl makes this salad look small, but it’s really deep, so it was actually a substantial salad. I had made it last weekend but didn’t mix in the dressing so it would stay fresh. It’s just cole slaw, cucumbers, red peppers, wonton strips, and some generic asian dressing from the grocery store.

I try to drink two of these big glasses of water everyday. The cup is from when we stayed at Paris in Las Vegas. In the land of overindulging, it’s a odd place to be frugal by keeping a plastic cup. But, I guess we felt like we needed to keep it after paying like $30 for a spiked lemonade.

This particular working from home day ended at a reasonable time. Sometimes I’m busy and find myself working until 5 or 6. Either way, it’s nice to close the door to the office and already be home.

Working from Home

Overall, working from home is great! It provides flexibility, limits distractions and you can’t beat the commute! I love hanging with (and talking to) Sophie all day. The downside is sometimes feeling disconnected and missing out on social interactions. It took a few weeks, but I’ve got a pretty good routine down that keeps me on track, most of the time. 😉