My August mileage includes 3.21 miles with my mom when she was in town visiting! It was great showing her my running routes! Now, when we talk running, she can picture it and remember how hard/long/steep the hills are.

August Mileage

In August we had three out-of-town visitors and I was playing on three volleyball leagues, so I left my goals the same as July’s.

  1. Run 20 miles.
  2. Bike 40 miles.

  1. Ran 21.67 miles.
  2. Rode 42.5miles.

I met both goals, but not by very much! Looking at the calendar is interesting to me because of how it’s spread out. My last ride on the 30th felt really slow, but was actually faster than the rest of the rides this month.

September Mileage Goals

In September we are only having 1 out-of-town guest, but I’m still playing on three volleyball leagues and I have a 4-day work trip. So, I’m leaving my goals the same:

  1. Run 20 miles.
  2. Bike 40 miles.

While my mileage hasn’t changed, the length of each run has. In July my runs averaged 2.9 miles, while in August they averaged 3.6 miles. In September, I’d like to continue with these longer, albeit slower, runs. My rides have been the opposite- short 10-mile rides have been my groove. I’d like to change that too!

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