July 2017 is in the books! I say it every month, but I can’t believe how fast the month went by! We’ve now lived in Cincinnati for 5 months, sometimes it feels more like 5 days, sometimes it feels more like 5 years. This Currently post includes what I’m reading, trimming, vaca-ing, eating and loving!


I’m really embarrassed to say that I just finished In the Darkroom, after having it since May! It’s a big book, but I also have been out of the reading routine. My 2017 Book List has been having a nice summer break!

Tree Trimming

While at volleyball one night, a large storm blew threw our neighborhood. It knocked down several large trees in the blocks around us. Luckily, we only lost a large tree branch. It didn’t cause any damage, but left our tree a little lopsided.

It did require us to spend a hot summer afternoon carving it up so that they yard waste crew would haul it away the following week. The perfect excuse to try out Nolan’s new chainsaw.

Family Vaca At Grandview

By far the highlight of July was going back to Minnesota for our annual trip to Grandview. Just like last year we played mini-golf, ate dinner outside at Bar Harbor, golfed at The Pines.

We also got to visit with my grandma and her husband Bert for a few hours, send Nolan several SnapChat videos, tried* the photo booth in the arcade, and drank rosé out of a can.

But I think the funniest thing was going on a banana boat ride with my sister and Peyton. We thought it would be a leisurely ride with minimal splashing. The second we took off we were drenched. Half the time my eyes were closed because we were being splashed so much. After about a minute we were asking “How long is this ride? Can we get off early?” But, instead, we embraced the lake water and laughed at ourselves and each other. Until we got back to the dock and they wanted us to swim back to shore… We’ll know better next year. 🙂


One weekend in July we ventured to the OTR and tried out Gomez Salsa. I got the chicken tacos and Nolan ordered the spicy turtle shell. So good!

Since getting Nolan’s REC TEC Grill assembled, we’ve been testing out some BBQ recipes. So far, the best things he’s grilled are ribs and smoked pico.


Instastories! I’ve just started putting stories on my Instagram, but I mostly watch others. My current favs are  Living with Landyn, Bev Cooks, and Girl With No Job.

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