During July I rode the Little Miami Trail past the old Peter’s Cartridge Company. See how that ride helped me reach my July mileage goals and what I set for my August mileage goals…

July Mileage

In July I set a goal of running 20 miles and biking 40 miles. I would have gotten in a few more miles at the end of the month, but I came back from Grandview with a cold that I still haven’t kicked yet. I still reached my goals though:

  1. Ran 20.07 miles.
  2. Biked 51.88 miles. (Including the 31 miles on the Little Miami Trail, pictured above.)

August Mileage Goals

I think my July goals were very reasonable and attainable. In August we have three out-of-town visitors and I’m still playing on three volleyball leagues, so I’m leaving my goals the same.

  1. Run 20 miles.
  2. Bike 40 miles.

PS: I hope you guys aren’t sick of hearing about how many miles I run/bike each month. I still enjoy writing about it and it’s helping me get more miles in. Having monthly goals, verses year or 6-month goals seem less daunting and keep me motivated.

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