You can thank my mom for this room reveal. After she saw our ghetto window treatment in this post, she generously offered to buy us the roman shade needed for the tiny window. (She bought our other curtains too, but the blinds are on backorder so I haven’t revealed them yet- patience people!)

One of the things I love about our Cincinnati house is all the storage! We have two entry closets, a large pantry and have you seen our master closet? Our master bathroom is no different, with it’s his/hers vanities and linen closet. And now, a great little gray roman shade!

It was super easy to install, but we are less than thrilled with the string mechanism. It just seems sort of cheap, thankfully we won’t be opening and closing it very often.

My side (above) is to the right when you walk into the bathroom and is flanked by the toilet and linen closet. Nolan’s side (below) is immediately to the left when you walk into the bathroom. All. The. Drawers.

Since moving in, we hung a few more hooks, put down some rugs, accessorized a bit, hung the clock and this cute “Hello Gorgeous” sign from HomeGoods. It’s strategically placed above the scale. 😉

Party Shower

At the end the master bathroom is the humungous shower. Like, let’s-have-a-party shower. I wish they would have put niches in it, like we did in our other master bathroom. But they did install a bench- around the corner on the right. I’m telling you, this shower is huge.

To give you some perspective, Sophie gladly helped. Keep in mind, she is a 60lb dog and barely takes up any space laying down. How many dogs do you think we could fit in there?

She hated every minute of it. Ok, it was less than a minute. It’s funny, when we go to the cabin, the first thing she does is run into the lake. But at home, she hate getting baths.

As soon as I released her from her “stay” command she ran right out. 🙂 That thing cracks me up sometimes.

And that’s our master bathroom!