You guys! I had one of the best birthdays ever! It wasn’t just because of all the kind messages and cards I received. Sometimes I celebrate birthday month, but this year I crammed it all into one day.

Birthday Coffee

First, I got my free Starbucks coffee. I splurged and got a caramel latte, because birthday calories don’t count, right?

Birthday Hairs

Next, I went over to the salon and got some highlights, lowlights, a trim and some curls. No more roots and the lowlights are perfect going into fall.

Birthday Clothes

Then, because I had a few minutes to spare I popped into Nordstrom Rack. I found a few new pieces of work-out gear and a pair of sunglasses. Jury is still out on the sunglasses.

Birthday Guest

After all that, it was time to zip on down to the airport and pick up HeidiMoving to Cincinnati, away from all our friends and family has been hard at times. But, having our friends and family visit has softened the blow. I totally agree with Allison in that after moving away, the time spent together is much more precious because it’s 24+ hours together. It’s much more personal and creates a closer relationship.

Birthday Lunch

A birthday lunch wouldn’t be complete without some rosé! After lunch we went for a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood to burn off some of the calories.

Birthday Dinner

For dinner we went to Salazar in the OTR. There was a long wait, but luckily we spotted three spots at the outdoor bar.  We snagged the spots, and ordered some drinks.

We ordered the crispy pig ears and warm marinated olives & manchego cheese to start. The pig ears were similar to pork rinds, I could take/leave them.  The olives & manchego cheese, on the other hand, were spot on.

For dinner, Nolan ordered the everything salmon and Heidi and I shared the heirloom corn polenta, duck leg rillette and the fish special. The egg on the polenta was done perfectly and the duck leg/red onion/bread combo was perfect. The fish was good too, but such a pain to de-bone.

Birthday Baseball

After dinner we headed on over to the Red’s game and caught the last few innings before the Avett Brother’s concert. We had great seats, so even though we had field-level passes, we just enjoyed the concert from our seats.

Birthday Drinks

After the concert we headed back to the OTR, to have one final birthday drink at The Lackman. It was the perfect end to a perfect birthday day. Until next year…

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