I don’t always ace recipes, but when I do, I love sharing them! This time it’s these yummy Zoodles Topped With Organic Turkey Meatballs And Cilantro Avocado Sauce from Rachael’s Good Eats.

Turkey Meatballs

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. For the turkey meatballs, I used regular flour and skipped the flax seed and sundried tomatoes.

I used avocado oil spray to pan fry the turkey meatballs and cook the zoodles.


Once the meatballs were cooked, I used the same pan to cook the zoodles. The recipe says to only warm them up, not cook them because they’ll get soggy. I wanted them soggy to try to trick my brain into them being noodles. (Spoiler: It didn’t work.)

Cilantro Avocado Sauce

Instead of dirtying the entire food processor, I just used my Ninja Blender to make the cilantro avocado sauce. I left it really thick, but you could add water to make it runnier.

Don’t be deceived by my sloppy presentation, these things tasted SO good! I made these for lunch one day after a hot run (goals, you know). So, you’re lucky I took as many pictures as I did, because I was starving! I debated putting a few goat cheese crumbles on top as well, but it really didn’t need it.

I stored the turkey meatballs separate from the zoodles and sauce and they are just as good re-heated the next day.

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