A post about adulting may be the most boring post ever, like as boring as my massive list post, which had zero pictures, no links and only 2 readers! (To be fair to myself, it probably had more readers, but I didn’t start tracking page views until years after I posted it). And I’m off to a great start at making this one more interesting. At least the picture is funny. Ha!

Now that we’re in our early thirties, (When did that happen?) I feel like we’re doing more adult things. Like buying houses, spending the weekend doing yard work, and debating buying furniture from somewhere other than Ikea. Add to that list, buying a firesafe safe. This is a far cry from what I thought being an adult was going to be like…. eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch for every meal and staying up late.

The Safe

We picked up one of these bad boys on our last Target trip. It’s one of those things that I had on my list, but had no urgency. With all the natural disasters going on I figured it was time to get something to keep our VIP documents safe from fire, water and Sophie. (Did I ever tell you she ate our Marley and Me book? I wouldn’t put it past her to eat one of our passports the day before a trip, just to keep us from leaving her.)

The Ingredients

Inside, we put our passports, social security cards, finger prints, my wedding ring certification, marriage certificate and birth certificates. I won’t tell you where we put it in the house- because that seems counterproductive. Like telling someone your bank account login and password.

My only question was where to put the keys? If the box survives a catastrophe but the keys don’t, what good does that do us? Adulting is full of tough questions. 😛

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