Amazon ships about 1,000 packages a minute and about 900 of those are coming to our house. 😛 At least that’s what it feels it sometimes. Shall we see what’s in my Amazon cart?

I recently read Rambling Renovators’ post: In My Amazon Cart and thought it was such a fun blog post idea! (Also the shopping cart is one my favorite dance moves.) So here goes!

San Francisco Bay OneCup

Technically, these bulk k-cups are in Nolan’s Amazon cart. We have these on a monthly repeat subscription, so technically they aren’t even in a cart… We’ve found they are the cheapest and best tasting k-cups out there.

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment

I can’t speak to the handy-dandyness of this wand, because we haven’t used it yet. It’s installed in our main bathroom, just ready for Sophie to jump into a big mud puddle.

Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock

Nolan and I both have iPhones and Apple watches, so our nightstands used to be riddled with cords. Until one Christmas, I got him this dock that holds both. It takes up so much less space on his nightstand! (I still want a bigger ones.) Yes, $100 for a charger is a lot, but unlike the others, this actually includes the watch and phone charger. So the original charger that came with the watch has a permanent home in our luggage. And technically this one is not in my cart any longer either, because Nolan got me one for my birthday this year!

RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar

I don’t always have time to make a smoothie and I keep seeing praise for these protein bars. Has anyone tried them? Worth all the hype? Women’s Work It Out Exercise Mat

I love almost all of’s stuff, including this yoga mat. The stuff isn’t really practical, but makes me smile. For example this notebook, this duffle bag, or this coffee mug– which I own, but rarely use because it likes to leak on me.