#SorryNotSorry, but I’m one of those pumpkin-spice-everything type of people. Lattes, candles, beers, I even have that pumpkin shirt. But these! These are thee best pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies!

Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you mix them the batter seems really moist (sorry I said moist), but rest assured they won’t melt all over the pan. Even though I’m of the opinion that nuts belong in desserts, I skipped it this time.

Each are about a tablespoon of batter, so they make a lot of small cookies. Quality control required me to taste one off each pan. (There was 5 pans and I went to bed with a tummy ache- totally worth it.)

The following day I sent a bunch with Nolan to work and told myself to get a grip. Then I ate two for breakfast, felt bad, ran 3 miles, then ate three more. They are that good!

My Two Baking Tips

Both of my baking tips can be spotted in the photo above. The first one is to buy good chocolate! The Toll House Nestle Premier White Morsels are well worth the extra dough  at the grocery store. The second tip is to have yourself a glass of wine! This particular baking night was accompanied with a Trader Joe’s La Finca Malbec- one of the things I always buy when I go there.

Find the entire recipe here. My only tiny, tiny complaint is that the recipe doesn’t use the entire can of pumpkin puree. Thanks for reading, it’s not time for me to grab a snack…

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