I don’t usually repeat recipes, but I had to re-share this because I perfected the Mexican creamed corn!

Mexican Creamed Corn

Last time I made this salmon and Mexican creamed corn (above) I made the mistake of buying canned cream corn. I was trying to cut corners and while it tasted OK, it was not worth the few minutes of time savings.

This time around I used corn on the cob as instructed but made a few other modifications, that IMO, made it better. The major change was adding jalapeños to the shallots. (Don’t touch your nose after chopping up the jalapeños.) The other slight change was chopping the tomatillos into bite size pieces, instead of just quartering them. I did this for two reasons; one, you don’t have to cut them on your plate and two, one of them was completely rotten inside so I wanted to make sure each bit had some.

I used my trusted cast iron pan to cook it all up. The timing between the Mexican creamed corn and the salmon is almost perfect.

After adding the corn, sour cream and cilantro it creates a creamy, spicy dish. I bet you could use cream cheese or plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream too. Even though the jalapeños were cooked, there was still a nice bite.

The Salmon

Salmon is so easy to make and I love that it doesn’t stink up the house like other fish. This recipe calls for a simple butter/garlic/lime spread that melts perfectly all over when it bakes.

The piece of salmon I got from the butcher was 1.6lbs with skin on. It took about 25 minutes to cook. The edges got a little overdone, but the middle was perfectly flaky. The shape of the big fillet makes it hard to cook evenly.

Just like last time, it made more than 4 servings of salmon, but probably only 3 servings of the Mexican creamed corn. It’s a rule that your suppose to have more vegetables than meat on your plate right? 😉

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