“I love touching up paint” said no one ever. Fortunately, it’s not a hard project and provides instant gratification!

One of the many items on my house list was to touch up paint throughout the entire house. As careful as our movers were, many of the walls had small nicks and marks that needed to be touched up.

Our entire house is painted Sherwin Williams Alabaster, which is a very light creamy gray. Online it looks more beige, but in our house it has a gray feeling (see below). Having the entire house painted the same color is a little boring, but made touching up paint really easy!

One day I went around with some painter’s tape and marked all the places that needed a touch up. One mark was from when they installed the air return vent. It obviously swung open and left a half circle mark on the wall. It’s near the top of the wall and because I know we’d be touching up the paint I avoided tackling how to decorate the wall. Welp, no more excuses!

The Before

The one above can’t be blamed on moving, but on me trying to do a handstand with help from the wall and my dirty feet. 😛 It was in the office, so it’s pretty much only seen by me and gets horrible light- thus the dark pictures.

The After

After touching up the paint you can’t even tell where my dirty little toes were, can you? Now, what to tackle next on the house list