New knives have always been something on our ‘wait until they go on sale’ list. Then, Chris Loves Julia shared on their Instagram stories that Williams Sonoma was having a huge sale, including a Wüsthof Knive Set. Sold.

We have a few nice knives that we’ve acquired throughout the years, but our block knife  set was a wedding present gift from Target. We’ve made due by using an electric knife sharpener. I hated cutting tomatoes because they wouldn’t slice, they’d just smush them. They were inexpensive and lasted us seven and a half years.

Upgrade: Wüsthof Knife Set

Enter the Wüsthof Gourmet 23-Piece Knife Block Set from Williams Sonoma. Originally $1099, on sale for $499!! (PS I just realized it’s Williams Sonoma, not William Sonoma.)

They shipped for free and were delivered within less than a week! They cut so nicely! Cutting up a few chicken sausages was like cutting through butter.

I feel like such an adult for investing in a high-quality Wüsthof knife set. Now we just need to find six Cincinnati friends to come over and use all the steak knives.

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