A few of my favorite home bloggers are “done” with their homes and buying up cabins as their next project. I’m so excited to see how they transform them into cozy weekend getaways.

This post is all about home bloggers buying cabins, thus contains photos taken from each blog. I’ve provided the source link on the photo and within the text.

Proverbs 31 Girl

I learned about Proverbs 31 Girl, written by Allie, because she bought my grandparents old farmhouse! She has done an AMAZING job updating and remodeling their house. (Just look at the kitchen!) I have so many great memories there and I love the fact that her family is making new ones. Now, they are tackling the cabin above. I love her farmhouse style and I’m anxious to see how she transforms the cabin!

Deuce Cities Henhouse

Second up is Deuce Cities Henhouse, written by Scoops. I’ve mentioned binging on her blog the first weekend I discovered it and have been following ever since. After moving to Cincinnati I especially like reading something that connects me with Minnesota. The picture above is when they first moved in- doesn’t it already look amazing? Since then she’s shared kitchen plans and an October update. I love her style and her writing is hilarious!

Chris Loves Julia

More recently, but not in Minnesota, Chris Loves Julia announced they purchased a cabin. I listen to their podcast, so I knew they had been looking for awhile. They are full-time bloggers and I anticipate they’ll move faster on their cabin remodel, even though the place is huge!

Yellow Brick Home

I’ve only recently started reading Yellow Brick Home, written by Kim and Scott. (I’m a sucker for blogger with cute dogs.) Living in Chicago (originally from Cincinnati), they just purchased a “Tree House” in Michigan. Similar to Chris Loves Julia, they are full-timers, but they’re also preparing their house for a new baby. Since buying their Tree House, they’ve shared a vlog, made a list of the first to-dos, and got a new furnace. I appreciate seeing all the nitty gritty details of renovations.

Young House Love

While not a “cabin”, I couldn’t do this post without mentioning Young House Love’s beach house. John and Sherry are quite possibly the mother and father of home bloggers. After renovating three homes, they moved on to a beach house. They’ve shared the entire story and when it’s complete it’s going to be a rental!! Who wants to visit Cape Charles next summer?

Hope you enjoyed my list of home bloggers buying cabins!