There is a reason the master bedroom reveal is weeks after ordering the entertainment center and I’m sure you’re all gripping at your seat to hear it. So, here goes!

I’d first like to report that the frozen pizzas are still in the freezer; the smoked turkey Nolan made for Thanksgiving was delicious!


This was the listing picture of the master bedroom. The room is huge and has great floors (love the thick trim with corner round), neutral paint color (Sherwin Williams Alabaster), a huge closet with laundry and a huge master bathroom. My favorite thing about the master bedroom is probably the reading lights, as I like to call them. Those two perfectly placed canned lights right above where the bed goes. We put on a dimmer switch so we don’t blind ourselves in the morning. If I could, I’d split it into two switches so we could each control the light above ourselves. Things I was less thrilled about: no curtains, no crown molding and the main light leaves much to be desired. All easy, but expensive things to fix change.


Same angle looks something like this today. I swear I straightened out the bedskirt before taking these photos…

The Blinds & Curtains

Right after moving in this is what our master bedroom windows looked like. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted for window treatments and then even longer for them to be delivered. They finally came and you saw a sneak peak of them when I posted about the mini gallery wall in the corner. I used the steam cycle on the dryer to get all the wrinkles out of the curtains. I love how they have a little puddle at the bottom. The blackout white blinds work so well, that we never have to shut the curtains.

The Nightstands

After getting the entertainment center delivered and installed (more on that below), we decided to order nightstands too. Hayneedle has a rewards program, so I had $85+ burning a hole in my pocket. We knew we wanted wide nightstands with drawers (read: expensive). We found these from Hayneedle and thought they’d be perfect. So, we were so bummed when they showed up damaged. One of the boxes was delivered upside down and the other was banged up. They were packaged well, but both were still pretty damaged. On nightstand 1 the top drawer front was not attached and the drawer itself was broken, and there was a chip on the top. On nightstand 2 the interior top drawer was chipped, the 2nd drawer didn’t open all the way and the edge was damaged. After working with the customer service team at Hayneedle, they ended up letting us keep both stands. We fixed them as much as we could and they look great! Just don’t try to open the top drawer or push the 2nd drawer in all the way.

The Entertainment Center

Behold, the mega entertainment center! This is the view from bed, but what’s funny is that we hardly ever watch TV here. I obviously need to do some decorating in the shelves below, but because we don’t have cable, we don’t need a cable box. There is a Amazon Fire Stick in the back, which gives us all the channels we need. It was relatively easy to assemble, but left us with tons of boxes and styrofoam to dispose. The area behind the barn doors are used to store our clothes. As you can see, we have more storage space than we need. Even though I measured and knew it would fit, I was happy to see how it didn’t impede on either the bedroom door or master closet door. It does cover the air return vent, but only a tiny bit because of the trim at the top. And our wireless doorbell is still in the same spot and accessible. There is still a mirror to hang and another blank wall, but I’m ok with that. (Insert the Rome-One-Day quote here.) I am happy with the progress we’ve made, since moving into our Cincinnati house 7 months ago.

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