Time for my Christmas home tour, including some rooms I haven’t shared yet!

The Christmas Tree

We set up our silver-themed tree in the formal living room. I haven’t shown too many pictures of this room yet, as I’d like to change out the furniture. The tree is fake and we’ve had for about 10 years. Each year we say it’s on it’s last leg– in the first photo you can see how few pine cones are left. It came pre-lit with white lights and we’ve always decorated it with white and silver ornaments.

One of the newest ornaments is the silver bird with a feather tail. I bought this little guy last year when it was on Target clearance. We also have a silver pig that we bought together when we dating. <3

The Christmas Mantle

I purchased our stockings from Pottery Barn Kids the year we got Sophie, while we were still living in our Minneapolis house. I remember paying a lot for them and liking them back then. Now, they are a bit too bright and colorful for my taste, but they are high quality and Nolan still likes them. Plus, who else would want an Emelia stocking? (PS: That mirror was suppose to be our master bedroom full length mirror, but hanging it proved to be challenging. Luckily it fits perfectly above our fireplace.)

I love the garland! Along with the stocking holders, it’s from an end-of-the-season clearance sale at Target. I love how the garland is mostly green, with a touch of white and red.

I admit, I’m that crazy dog person. Proof is Sophie’s stocking holder with her picture, just in case Santa wasn’t sure which holder was for the dog. 😉 But, seriously, I love that dog.

The Outside

I already shared the picture above of the outside, but it’s worth sharing again! Nolan worked so hard at getting all the lights perfectly spaced apart. And the wreath on the front door has since fallen off. 🙁 So much for those outdoor, glass command strips.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is far from the formal living room, where the big tree is, so I put a miniature tree in the kitchen, less we forget what month it is. Also, this Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle and a santa boot- from when we used to have a keg.

Speaking of beer, over at the bar area we have santa and a countdown. Can you do the math and tell me what day I took these pictures?

Also in the bar area is this cute Merry Christmas sign my grandma got us one year. It’s so heavy, I’m afraid to hang it anywhere else. (I’m obviously not good at hanging things- see front door wreath and full length mirror above.)

Other Christmas Decorations

I love this ribbon Christmas card holder! I hung it off our welcome sign so I wouldn’t have to put another nail in the wall. Hopefully we get more Christmas cards to fill it up- we sent out the oblatory “We Moved” cards with our new address. Hint, hint.

New this year is mistletoe! It’s from Lowe’s, but here is a similar one.

Lastly, is our tiny noel sign. I’ve had this so long I don’t even remember where it came from. It’s lost almost all the glitter, but I still love it. It’s subtle and fits perfectly under the TV on our other mantle in the family room.

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  1. Love the decorations! I’ve had good luck with the over the door wreath holders. Watch the mail, ours is on the way!

    1. Thanks! Those over-the-door ones always seem to mess up how the door closes. Maybe I need to find a better quality one!

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