November’s [short] recap includes the 1(!) book I read, the best way to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey, an update on my Last90Days Challenge and a sneak peek at our Christmas lights.


I can’t believe I only read one book in November! It was The Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan from my 2017 book list. It was a good book, but I think it took me so long to read because it’s the holiday season; full of cheer and joy. This book is the opposite; it’s about an act of terrorism and follows the story of the attacked and attackers after the small bomb was detonated in a Delhi marketplace.


Our Thanksgiving was great! Everything on our menu turned out great, but the real show stopper was the smoked turkey. In general I don’t really like turkey because it’s usually flavorless and dry. This turkey was very flavorful and moist. (Sorry I said that, but it’s true!)

We ate it plan and on sandwiches for days and then with a few servings left I made this healthy turkey salad. I’ve made it with chicken before; I love how easy and healthy it is!

The Last90Days Challenge Update

Back in MONTH I announced that I’d forgo the month mileage goals and instead join the Last90Days Challenge. Specifically the goal of being active for at least 30 minutes everyday. I’d like to happily report that in November I only missed two days. The temperatures in Cincinnati have been really mild (like 40s/50s and a few 60 degree days), so most days I can get outside for a jog or Sophie walk.

Christmas Lights

Last year, before we knew we were moving, I bought several strings of lights when they were on sale at Target. Nolan dutifully (and perfectly) put them up with about a million of these clips. I love that when you drive by you can see our Christmas tree in the window. I plan doing a full post on all our Christmas decorations, so stay tuned!

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