What goes better on a Friday night than burgers and beer?

Last Friday I told Nolan, “I want to cook tonight.” Which was true, we had been eating out, eating leftovers or just snacking all week. So, I wanted to put something together and sit down and have a “real” meal on Friday. A more accurate statement would have been “I want you to cook tonight.”

The Beer

Let’s start with the beer- my FIL dutifully transported this double stuffed milk stout from Disgruntled Brewing when he came for Thanksgiving. Our beer friend picked it up in Minnesota, but because it was canned it wasn’t going to last forever, thus the Friday burgers and beer menu. I planned a long Saturday run, so I let Nolan have most of it, not because I didn’t like it though! I really like stouts and in a chilled glass they can really hit the spot!

The Burgers

Nolan smoked the bacon on the grill, then followed this burger recipe. He picked up the meat, cheese and buns from the same local meat market that we got our Thanksgiving turkey from. Quality meat makes all the difference!

I put onions, tomato, avocado, cheese and bacon on mine. The ketchup was left untouched. The burgers could have been cooked 2 minutes less and the cheese put on earlier to melt more, but they were still the best burgers Nolan has ever made. I love the smoky flavor of the bacon and burger!

I ate one on Friday night and then another one shortly after my run on Saturday morning. Reheating them melted the cheese perfectly! I can see many more Friday burgers and beer nights in our future…