Like most months (and years!), December 2017 came and went quickly, but not without making some new memories and traditions. The photos above are my most liked instagram photos from 2017, it was a big year for us!


For a variety of reasons Nolan didn’t travel back to Minnesota for Christmas. So instead, I went back for several days leading up to Christmas Eve. I brought back with me Sophie’s new favorite toys, two avocados from my sister.

It was so busy, but so fun! I got to see everyone, create some new memories and I even squeezed in 3 runs. Too many funny get-togethers to pick a favorite, but let’s just say I shed a tear when I had to leave. I’ve said it before, but I do believe that spending extended periods of time together (like Grandview), is so much more intimate that just a 2-hour dinner every other week. I loved spending the night with my friends and family and waking up to singing, whistling, and tiny voices saying “Where is Emelia?” or the time when my adorable nieces brought me breakfast in bed! 🙂

Christmas Day

After returning to Cincinnati on Christmas Eve, Nolan cooked up a fabulous meal for just the two of us on Christmas Day. That’s right, all that food is just for the two of us. Like other Christmases, Nolan made prime rib, but this time he used our Rec Tec and it turned out great! He also made smoked potatoes and the best beans. My contribution was opening and pouring the wine. 🙂


The Portable Veblen was another book I knew little about before reading. It started off good, then it got weird, and then I couldn’t put it down! I’m so glad I worked through the weird part, because the ending was so great! After last month’s sort of depressing books, it was just what I needed.
The second book I read was The Distance Between Us, which I borrowed from my step-sister while staying at my mom’s house during the holiday. It was your typical young adult romance book.

The Portable Veblen was the second-to-last book on my 2017 book list! The only other book left is Here I Am, which is about 5 inches thick and on request at the library. Just in time to get cracking on my 2018 book list.


I am thinking about nixing the Fashion category and replacing it with a Books category. I’ve done 8 fashion posts over the last two years, probably because I’m mostly following an all black wardrobe scheme. Plus, it was hard to look back to see how far I’ve come on my 2017 book list because they are interweaved in my Currently posts. What do ya’ll think?


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