I didn’t have any posts last week because I was skiing in Winter Park! I’ve been there skiing several times, but I’ve never written a post about it. So today, I’m sharing all about Winter Park Resort, Black Tie Ski Rentals and where to eat in Winter Park.

Winter Park Resort

The entire Winter Park Resort includes lodging, shops, bars and restaurants, ski rentals, tubing and all sorts of events/activities. Other than stuffing stuff in a locker and grabbing a lift ticket, we don’t spend that much time at the base.


We spend most of our time out on the runs, admiring the claw (above). On Sunday they got several inches of snow, making skiing Monday and Tuesday great! But Wednesday was the best day IMO.

It was sunny, there weren’t that many people because it was the middle of the week and there was no wind. Most of the runs had been groomed and after two days, I was feeling much more confident on my skis.

We skied through the trees and all around the mountain. I joked that I had this big fat smile on under my gator the entire day.

Black Tie Ski Rental

My mom took this picture of us on our first day skiing. Scott is on the right and to the left is Scott’s friend Stan. Stan’s son skied competitively for many years and he owns all his equipment. Scott brings his own boots and helmet, but I rented my boots, skis, poles, and helmet from Black Tie Ski Rental. I upgraded to their premium boots because I’ve had problems with sore/bruised shins in the past. All three days I tightened my boots too tight. Like, can’t-feel-my-toes-because-I-cut-off-the-circulation tight. But after a quick adjustment halfway down the mountain I was good to go.

Where to Eat

Skiing all day works up an appetite! (I also ran 2 miles one morning with my mom… the altitude killed me!) The condo has a full kitchen, which we used to make breakfast each morning, but by the evening we always went out. The first outing was to Deno’s Mountain Bistro right on main street. The shrimp tacos and steak were excellent, but we noticed several people ordered yummy looking pizzas as well. The second night was at Hernando’s Pizza Pub. With dollar bills lining the walls, this is a must on any visit to Winter Park. Last, but not least, was Casa Mexico, which is right in the Cooper Creek Square. The food is great, the margaritas are big and at the end of each meal they give you a shot of their homemade tequila.

My marathon training took a slight hit from this trip, but I’m not too worried. I got to spend some time with my mom and Scott. Plus, it wasn’t like I spent the 3 days sitting on my butt.