I started this blog back in December 2103 with this post about our master bedroom. Let’s just say I’ve come a little ways in the last 4 years! So to cap off the 4th year of blogging I thought it’d be fun to have a look back to see my most popular posts last year.

This list is based on page views last year via Google Analytics. I thought for sure number 6 would be number 1 and that number 2 wouldn’t even be on this list! The internet is an interesting tool!

  1. By far, the most popular post last year was Painting an open Concept House: Sherwin Williams Pavestone.  Despite WordPress wanting to change Pavestone to Palestine, the post made it to the number one spot. We did so many sample spots to make sure the color looked good in every light in our Shoreview house.
  2. The second most popular post was How to Downsize Your Purse. I still have both purses, but oddly enough, I’ve downsized ever more to a wristlet that fits my phone. Maybe I shouldn’t can the fashion category?
  3.  Another surprise to me was to see that my All Black Wardrobe rant ranked in at number three! Who would have thunk?
  4. Number 4 was our Living Room Reveal in our Shoreview house, featuring the infamous pillow flattening Sophie. See the much nicer listing photos here.
  5. Number 5 was also a room reveal from our Shoreview house, the Kitchen Reveal. I still love how the dark hardware contrasts with the white cabinets.
  6. I thought for sure our We’re Moving to Cincinnati would be the number one post of 2017, but turns out, it only made it to number 6.
  7. Last on this list is our mini Cincinnati Brewery Tour. This one doesn’t surprise me as much, because I heavily promoted this post using social media.

I could go on and on, but the rankings go down to less than 2% of page views after these. For instance, Installing Cement Pavers (from 2014!) accounted for 1.12% of page views last year. Random!