The end of week nine marked the half-way point. It’s been relatively easy to stay on track with all my cheerleaders. (I talked to my friend Heidi almost the entire 6.4 miles on the 13th.)

One of the reasons I selected this marathon training was because of the slow ramp in mileage. Mid-week runs consists of two shorter runs and one longish one that is about half of the distance for the long weekend run.

Week 7

Week 7 got a little disrupted. We were suppose to go to Milwaukee to see my nieces’ gymnastics competition. (I was also looking forward to a training run with my mom.) We took Friday off work, found a good pet sitter for Sophie and were waiting at the airport when this popped up on my phone.

As you can imagine we were super bummed. I had just seen my mom and stepdad in Colorado, but I hadn’t seen my sister or nieces since December. After talking it through, we decided to cancel the entire trip. A tough call, but the only direct flight the next day was at the same time, which would make us miss out on Friday’s shenanigans. Saturday my sister had parent things and Sunday is actually when the girls competed. Our Sunday flight was at 10:30am, so unless they were first to compete we’d miss it anyway. 🙁 On the bright side, we got a full refund for the flight and the hotel.

The weather in Cincinnati was perfect on Friday and since I had already taken an PTO day I decided to get in my 12 miles. I did some of the same hilly route from week 6. I went through Hyde Park and Oakley, right by MadTree Brewery.

Week 8

I wasn’t feeling 100% on Thursday when I did my 3 miles. I couldn’t pass up a 65-degree day though, which I didn’t quite believe and therefore mistakenly overdressed for. This is my attempt at a running selfie. 😛

My running selfie ability got worst on my half marathon run. I’ll blame it on the snow and my soaked, freezing hands. Needless to say, I struggled on this run. It was 98% a mental struggle though, more on that on my Instagram.

Week 9

My mid-week, 7-mile run was great! I was happy to get in a good long run after my 1/2 marathon humdinger. It was 70+ degrees and partially cloudy on Tuesday. I didn’t have a route, but just set out into the neighborhood. All the stay-at-home-moms were out pushing strollers. We often joke that we live in Mayberry. At one point I ran past a group of 4 women, 2 pushing strollers, 1 pushing a double-wide stroller and one walking (her kids must be of school age). As I rounded the next corner a giant (not exaggerating) hawk flew out of the tree above me. I let out a scream, then laughed so hard I had to stop. Hopefully it gave those women a good laugh as well.

Rain was in the forecast for all day on Saturday, so much that the governor declared an emergency in 17 counties. But, it let up for a few hours and I snuck out for my 10 miles. Part of which was up to the high school where the lacrosse team was practicing. I was originally planning on doing it Sunday so I hadn’t done all the pre-long-run preparations I normally do. But, other than feeling a little dehydrated the run went well!

Half Way Through Marathon Training

I can’t believe I’m already half way through my training! I’m nervous/excited about the marathon. More excited than nervous, but I think about it on every run. (Maybe that’s residual thinking from the Start with Why book I recently read.)

  • What should I wear? What if it’s raining?
  • Should I bring what I want to eat that morning?
  • Should I run with my phone/headphones?
  • Hat or sunglasses?
  • Should I run with pacers?
  • What if I get injured between now and the marathon? (My biggest source of anxiety.)

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