I know it’s been almost a month since I posted something house-related, but I wanted to wait until we’d used our Nespresso VertuoLine for awhile before posting about it. I told you my Marathon Training was going to eat up a lot of my free time! But there is always time for a good cup of coffee…

The Old Keurig

Our Keurig lasted us at least five years of up to 6 cups a day. We bought the pods in bulk from Amazon, so they were about $0.50/cup. Lately, we’ve noticed that the coffee wasn’t tasting as good. Even after cleaning the machine, there was still something off. So we cancelled our Amazon subscription to the pods, did some research and purchased the Nespresso VeruoLine.

Nespresso VertuoLine

We knew we wanted a Nespresso, because my sister has one, so I knew it makes great coffee. I also knew that it a step up from Keurig, but not one of those $1,000 industrial machines.

We went with the Espresso VertuoLine with Aeroccino in chrome, so we can make coffee, espresso and lattes! Most days we just drink coffee, but it’s nice having the option to make a fancy coffee. Because of that, I like that the Aeroccino (fancy for milk frother) is a separate unit, so I can stash it in the above coffee cabinet.

First Few Brews

Funny story. The frugal gene in me forced me to use up the Keurig pods before switching over to the new machine. So when it came time to try out the new machine I was so excited! So excited that I didn’t even look at what pod I was grabbing. So, by mistake I made an espresso instead of coffee. Whoops! We didn’t have any milk or I would have whipped up a latte. Luckily, Nolan was in the mood for some espresso so I gave it to him and grabbed one of the coffee pods. As I was drinking it and commenting on how great it tasted Nolan asked what color pod- so we could make note to reorder those. Turns out I was drinking a decaf! PSA: the red pods are decaf.

The next few go-arounds were more successful. I love that it only takes about 10 seconds for the machine to heat up. The brew time is pretty quick too and actually faster than the milk frother. Still working on my latte designs.

Our Favorite Nespresso Pods

With the purchase we got a variety pack, so we tried several flavors, including decaf. 🙂 Our favorite coffee flavors have been elvazio, odacio, caramelizio, decaffeinto, and the seasonal peppermint. Our favorite espresso flavors have been diavolitto and voltesso. We’ve also tried, but not enjoyed the stormio and intenso. Both were just a tad too strong for our liking.

While the pods are more expensive than the Keurig cups, I often only drink one cup because it’s stronger and better. Another big benefit over Keurig is that you can recycle Nespresso pods! You just order a free postage-paid recycling bag from Nespresso to send your used pods back in.

The only downfall of the Nespresso VertuoLine is that it doesn’t fit our travel mugs. We have one mug that fits so that’s been on repeat since we got it. 😛