On the same day we said goodbye to our old rug, we ordered this jute rug from Amazon. I took these pictures after an hour-long walk with Sophie and she basically planted herself (and her toy) so that she’d be in almost all the pictures.

Deciding on a Jute Rug

We had a jute rug in our old entry and, like our white rug, it too moved with us. We put it by our patio door. It’s very durable and hides dirt really well. I also like that it brings in a natural element to our mostly gray, white and black motif.

The New Jute Rug

The new jute rug is 9×12, ideally it would have been 9×11, but that would have meant a custom rug. And clearly Sophie wasn’t happy about waiting around weeks for a new rug.

After I took this picture I realized how my gallery wall is a little unbalanced. Perhaps something tall above Sophie’s $100 dog bed that she never lays in. I also switched up the open shelves in the kitchen, see a closer look in my Instagram.

The jute rug has a lot of grooves, but it’s not super rough. At first I wasn’t sure, but the more I walk on it the more I like it. Sophie LOVES using it to scratch her nose. Soph

We ended up shifting everything closer to the TV so that Nolan’s chair was completely on the rug. At first it felt weird too close to the TV. The upside is that it provides slightly more space behind the kitchen stools.

We also bought these rug grippers, because, as you can see, jute rugs slip and slide everywhere. I haven’t put them on yet, because I wan’t to be sure about the rug placement. We moved it 3 times before setting on this arrangement. (PS jute rugs are heavy!) We also bought the same rug (in smaller sizes) for our garage entry and the front entry. I’m working on a few things at the front entry that I’ll share soon!

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