In order to write a review of March, I had to scroll through my phone’s photos. The first few weeks seem like they are ages ago! Regardless, here is a little recap of the randomness that was the month of March.


The first weekend of March was the 26th annual BockFest. The weekend is full of activities, but we only experienced the Sausage Queen & Beard Baron contest. Our neighbor got 1st place in the Ladies Fake Creative Beard!  

Trip to MN

During the second week in March I was in Minnesota for work. I stayed through the weekend though and was able to catch one of my nephew’s basketball games and a birthday brunch for my mom. <3

Tab & Talia Visit

The following weekend our friends Tab and Talia were in town for the weekend. We tried out the Growler Stop and their “famous” bretzels. They are basically pretzels, but the cheese sauce that comes with it amazing.

We also went to Taft’s Ale House for the first time. It’s in a old church and the remodel they did is incredible! There are three floors with slightly different atmospheres. I want to go back to the cozy basement, where they serve craft cocktails.

Date Night in OTR

After a few weekends of craziness, we decided to go out on a date! I won out on the restaurant pick; we went to Bakersfield in the OTR. Per the usual the wait was an hour and 45 minutes, but we just went next door for a drink. I love their guacamole and street tacos.

I’m surprised I was able to keep up with my marathon training during March! Not to mention reading The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules, The Power, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F—, Hidden Figures, and Sisters First. It was a busy, but good month.