We got this great canvas print of us and our goddaughter Claire earlier this year. I LOVE it! But I was having problems figuring out where to hang it. We moved it around the house to several locations, but none felt “right”. Then I decided to make a “family wall” with four canvas prints of all our nieces, our nephew and our other goddaughter Violet.

I’ve never really showed this angle of our living room before. Since we moved in, it was a tall blank wall between the patio door and the living room windows. After getting the blanket ladder up on the other side of the window, it was about time for the other side of the window.

This is my view from the couch. We spend 90% of our time in the living room and kitchen area and I love that I can see my family from both areas!

Sophie loves them too. 🙂 Her mohawk has started to fall.

All four canvases are from Easy Canvas Prints. They are the 12×12 standard wrap canvases. The quality is really good for the price and they were shipped with tons of packaging to protect them. You do need to have a high resolution image, pictures from cell phones are usually too low resolution. We have other family pictures around the house, but I love that this one is dedicated to all our little ones. 🙂