Wow, what happened to June? Between two work trips, three volleyball leagues, 3 out-of-town guests, and a Luke Bryan concert, I did not make time to blog. But I’m here now!


Besides Handmaid’s Tale and Bill Hader shows we saw RGB at the theater. I read Notorious RGB back in 2016 and loved it. I equally loved the video! I highly recommend it.


Nolan put up a bunch more shelves and pegboards in the garage! I didn’t take a before picture, but know that there are now two less “garage” boxes in the basement. I got so much satisfaction out of using the air compressor to clean the garage floors. Call me weird.


On the day we planned to go to the range it was 94 degrees. Perfect golfing weather. Not. But, we still went and agreed to just splitting a large bucket. We’ll be golfing at Grandview again this year and I’m signed up for a golf tournament later this summer so I need the practice!

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