Well, the cat’s out of the bag, I’m registered for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 3rd! See my training plan and how I’m incorporating what I learned from my first marathon.

What I’m Doing the Same

I learned early on in my Nashville Marathon Training that these Honey Stinger Gold gels didn’t upset my stomach. I’ve also added their waffles to the mix as well.

I’m sticking with Brooks shoes too. They provided enough support in training and stood the test of the marathon. I just bought a pair of the Glycerin 16s in white!

What I’m Doing Differently

Instead of training almost exclusively by myself, I join a running group! Tri-State Running Group to be exact. They offer training schedules targeted specifically for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and their Mariemont location is about 4 minutes from my house.

We are only on week 4 but I feel like I’ve already connected with my pace group. They have all been very welcoming and supportive. The miles seems to go faster when I have several people to chat with or just listen to.

Why the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

I chose the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon for a few obvious reasons.

  1. It’s Saturday, November 3rd. Not too soon, but not too far away either. It’s in the fall, so hopefully cooler, more runner-friendly weather. And it’s on a Saturday, so I have at least one rest (or explore the city) day before going back to work.
  2. It’s flat! I was misled that the Nashville Marathon was flat and had a hard time during the last several miles when faced with a few surprising climbs. Not that I’m afraid of hills, but when you turn the corner at mile 24 and see a steep, unexpected hill ahead it does a real number on your mental state.
  3. It’s close. Indianapolis is less than 2 hours from Cincinnati, so it’s an easy drive. Neither of us have spent any time in Indianapolis and while it’s not on our bucket list, it’ll still be a new city to explore.

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