Last Saturday Nolan and I walked down to Fifty West for their 2018 Fifty Fest, featuring local beer, food and bands. We bumped into a few people we knew, watched some people dance, and surprisingly remembered to bring can coozies to keep our beer cold in the 80 degree weather!

2018 Fifty Fest

Just like last year, it was a very hot and humid day. We didn’t learn from our mistake and walked down there midday, when the sun was the hottest. I had run 17-ish miles that morning so I was walking a bit slow.

By the time we got there I felt like I needed another shower and a cold beer. 🙂

The Food

There were several food trucks, but we opted for the Mexican grilled cheese and pretzel & beer cheese from Cheese -N- Chong. We gobbled them both up before I remembered to take a picture, they were delicious!

The Beer

I posted the picture above stating that I had two (!) Hazy Daisy beers from Fibonacci Brewing. It was so light and refreshing and definitely my favorite of the day. Nolan had a few others, but we both loved the Shamrock Shake from Listermann’s– still one of our favorite Cincinnati Breweries. Nolan’s favorite was King of Them All by, you guessed it, Listermann’s.