I had a great race at the 2018 Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run last weekend! It was my first 14k, so no matter what my time was it was going to be my PR. That said, I was very happy (can you tell?) with my time. 🙂

The Route

The 2018 Hudepohl 14K went around downtown and up through the OTR and then back downtown, finishing just outside the Paul Brown Stadium. There were a few longer hills at the beginning, one large downhill, and several smaller hills throughout. Overall, an OK route.

The Weather & Water

The weather on Saturday was superb for running! In the 60s, overcast for 95% of the run and dry. I was slightly cold at the start but as soon as we got past all the walkers (annoying!) I warmed up quick! There were plenty of water and gatorade stops, although the gatorade mix was nasty. I’m glad I had my water bottle, even though I think it’s more of a comfort factor than necessity.

Official 2018 Hudepohl 14K Results

My official time was 1:25:49, which was only a few seconds different from my watch. The distance was a little off too, but pretty close. I almost couldn’t believe Dan when he was calling out our pace during miles 5-7. There was a short but steep hill around mile 7 when I got my final jolt of energy.

The Swag

In addition to the two beers after the race, we got a medal (also a can opener), a poster, a pint glass and a t-shirt. My pumpkins are currently working to flatten the poster. The medal looks pretty good on my medal holder, while the t-shirt looks like a dress on me. 🙁

With the beers we also got can coozies sporting the Tri-State Running Company logo, which my team gladly grabbed. Dan, Kim, Melanie and I all finished strong and within two minutes of each other. After running with them I don’t know how I every trained alone. These people, and all the Tri-Staters, are so supportive and encouraging. I can’t wait to see what we can do together in Indianapolis!

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  1. Whaaaatttt??? 86min/8.7mi = 9.9min/mile !!! You are crazy fast and full of endurance! One day I tried to run a mile in under 10min to see if I could match my middle school self and I thought my lungs were going to implode. Good for you super star!!!!

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