Nolan knew he’d be gone on my birthday, so earlier that week he surprised me with a birthday dinner. It was after a a training run that included 6 miles + 8×400 and boy, did it hit the spot!! More on what I’ve been eating, loving and working on this last month…


I don’t think I’m a huge tree hugger- remember when we had six huge trees removed from the backyard of our Shoreview house? But I do try to reduce, reuse and recycle when I can. To reduce my use of plastic bags, I’ve been usingย these produce bags for all our fresh produce and just popping them in the washer after each use. (I still put my meat in plastic bags at the grocery store.)

Working On

Speaking of [not] tree hugging… we’re having three more trees removed from our yard. I swear I love big mature trees, but these are large and unstable- even less so since that huge branch feel off one of them last year. They are on our property but dangerously close to our neighbor’s house.

In addition to worrying they will take out our neighbor’s house during a storm, I hate all the pine cones and needles they drop. It makes it impossible to grow grass or anything, except weeds, that area. So, in preparation for the trees to be gone, I started to clear out some of the brush. Of course I decided to do this on a 90-degree, 90% humidity day. ๐Ÿ˜›


As I mentioned above, Nolan made me a wonderful birthday dinner! It included grilled stuffed flank steak, roasted veggies and bread. I can safely say that the steak will be added to our favorite smoker recipes.

I also pulled out this oldie-but-goodie asparagus-stuffed chicken rolls and used the smoker to cook them. It’s a classic case of it-tastes-better-than-it-looks, I promise. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember to remove the toothpicks!

And this past week I’ve been chewing on this fettuccine with summer vegetables and goat cheese dish. I added spinach and cooked it, along with the tomatoes, wax beans and squash. For some reason I feel like squash should always be cooked. Am I just weird?ย I also cut way down on the goat cheese- a little bit goes a long way!

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  1. Aww, that was sweet of Nolan. Your meals sound delicious. Of course squash should be cooked. What weirdos are eating squash raw? Is that a thing? I can’t believe you’re running so far in those temps and humidity! Whoa.

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