Even though it’s been in the 80s and 90% humidity in Cincinnati lately and I still have fresh hydrangeas in vases, I still pulled out some fall decor.

Fall Decor in the Dining Room

Nolan hates pumpkins so I got rid of most of them a few years ago. But I smuggled these three jean ones into our cart last year when they were on clearance at Lowes.

Fall Decor in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the spot with the most fall decor, but hopefully not in an overwhelming way. Over by the open shelves, I placed a wooden pumpkin I won at a baby shower years ago.

I also changed over our letter board to a fall themed message. I am one of those pumpkin-spice enthusiast. Coffee, pasta, snacks, bring it on! I’ve already downed one bag of candy corn.

Lastly, I hung this cute little “Give Thanks” sign on the pantry door. I’m thankful for Sophie and her goofy antics. She always follows me around when I’m taking pictures and tries to sneak in…

Full-length Wall Mirror

Last month was my birthday and much to my surprise I was gifted this wall mirror by my MIL. I mentioned it a long time ago as one of the too expensive pieces of furniture pieces I wanted, so I was shocked when it was delivered! The box was huge and weighed a ton. It’s so gorgeous and fits the wall between our closet and bathroom in our bedroom perfectly. I love how the iron ties in our entertainment center and the wood warms it up. It’s one of those investment pieces that will be with us for a long, long, long time.

PS: Photographing a mirror is really difficult, especially with a nosy puppy following you around. 🙂

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