Remember back in Februrary when we got several new jute rugs? At first we loved it! It looked great, the surface was great for Sophie’s constantly running and jumping, and brought some texture into the room. Then it started to shed, and shed and shed…

Jute Rugs Shed

I read that jute rugs do this initially but then stop after a few months. Ours never stopped. I think it was mostly Sophie, because we ordered the same rug for the entry and that one doesn’t seem to shed much, if at all. Not only did it shed, but it was so dusty!

We got tired of vacuuming and dusting constantly and decided to get our ducts cleaned and remove the rug. We should have gotten our duct cleaned when we first moved in, knowing that the house went through an extensive remodel. Rolling up the rug made it evident why our house was so dusty.

Vacuuming up that dust was so satisfying! We then washed the floors with our favorite steam mop. I love that it just uses water and you can wash the pads in the washing machine. We did have to purchase additional pads because it only comes with two, which isn’t enough to do our entire house.

Relocating to the Guest Bedroom

Knowing that the dust and shedding was mostly likely from Sophie, we decided to keep the rug but move it up to the guest bedroom. The room didn’t previously have a rug, because a) I’m not a huge rug person and b) rugs are expensive. I just feel that when you have beautiful hardwood floors, why cover them up?

The Replacement Rug

But alas we needed a rug in the living room to protect said beautiful hardwood floors. So, the same day we rolled up the jute rug, I bought this one from Rugs USA. (I still want to add something to the left of that gallery wall.)

Unlike other online purchases, I spent about 5 minutes looking for a new rug. That’s how fed up and frustrated I was with the dusty jute rugs. But, despite my lack of research, I’m happy to report that it’s going well.

There are a few places where the threads have come up because of Sophie’s nails- she is so tough on floors! But that’s exactly why we selected a lower-end rug at the ~$320 price range.  Someday I’d love to get another shag rug, but not while I have this 60-lb shag dog.

One thought on “The Downside to Jute Rugs”

  1. Looks great in the guest room! Thanks for the update; when you purchased this one, I thought it’d go great in our living room too for the neutral color and texture, then promptly forgot. Good to know that it’d work just fine in a dogless house….oh that sounds so sad…poor Karl.

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